Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Policy Review and Analysis

Review financial assistance, billing and collection policies.

Conduct comprehensive, independent, consumer-facing audits of hospital financial assistance, billing and collection policies and practices.

Gap analysis of polices, providing commentary on strengths and weakness in context of final IRS Section 501 ( r ) regulation and IRS Form 990, Schedule H.

Refine and revise policies based on best of class standards and requirements necessary to maintain tax exempt status.

External Review of IRS Form 990, Schedule H

Review and assess community benefit programs and financial assistance policies to ensure reporting accuracy.

Analyze revenue cycle process for consistency and compliance with new IRS Section 501 ( r ) requirements.

Provide external review and assist in writing or editing content for completion of IRS Form 990, Schedule H.

Community Engagement and Community Health Needs Assessment

Design and assist with implementation of Affordable Care Act insurance outreach and enrollment initiatives.

Provide input and feedback on community health needs assessments.

Conduct primary data collection, as required under final regulations, through key stakeholder interviews or focus groups with representative of medically underserved, low income and minority populations.

Engage and document feedback and input from underserved communities, as impartial intermediary in assessment process.

Establish trust and promote broad-based participation to leverage community relationships, prioritize needs, and identify resources to address selected needs.

Facilitate solution-based collaboration through process of investing diverse stakeholder groups in assessment and health improvement plan processes.

Identify measures to monitor efficacy of financial assistance policies, community benefit investments and interventions.

Promotion of Community Health
Develop effective storylines, in conjunction with community partners, to explain community benefit/community health programming.

Create materials to illustrate significance of community benefit investments tailored to specific audience needs i.e. community, media, policymakers, public officials, donors.

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