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Mark Rukavina established Community Health Advisors, LLC after working more than two decades in the non-profit healthcare sector.  He has extensive experience advising hospitals, non-profit healthcare providers, community coalitions, consumer groups, and public policymakers on community health improvement efforts.  Mark is a recognized expert on healthcare affordability, financial assistance, billing and collection, and community benefit requirements for tax-exempt healthcare providers.  Mark has testified before US Congressional committees, published research and policy briefs, and his expertise has frequently been sought after by policymakers and the media.  He holds an MBA from Babson College and a BS from of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.


Rukavina Appointed to HFMA Work Group October 2016:   Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, LLC was named to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s National Surprise Medical Billing Work Group.

Select 2016 Presentations:  Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, presented at a September symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City ; at the Exploring Financial Resiliency and Mobility symposium he discussed the interplay between health and financial stability.  He has also.has presented at various HFMA Chapter meetings.

2015 - Select Presentation and Webinars:  Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, presented at an HFMA Virtual Conference in September.  He presented two sessions at the HFMA Annual Networking Institute in June, at meetings of the Association of Community Cancer Centers in April, May, August, and December.  The Arkansas Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association in April, the National Summit on Health Care Price, Cost & Quality Transparency in a March session entitled Best Practices in Hospital and Health System Transparency, as well as on a  February Webinbar -  Connecting Mission and Margin - Community Benefit Investments in an Era of Heightened Transparency - for Community Benefit Connect.

Rukavina Serves as Expert Panelist at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Hearing  - December 2014:  Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, served as an expert panelist at a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau field hearing on medical debt collection on Thursday, December 11 in Oklahoma City.  More information available at:  http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/category/medical-debt/

Selected 2014 Presentations  –   Mark Rukavina presented at a series of four Financial Advocacy Network Regional Meetings of the Association of Community Cancer Centers during the fall of 2014; the Minnesota Hospital Association/HFMA October 2014 conference- Preparing for the Transformation of Health Care Finance; NW Ohio HFMA Chapter: Managing Self-Pay Collections: Peril and Opportunity in the New Policy Environment - September 2014; Arkansas HFMA Chapter: Financial Assistance Policies in the ACA Policy Environment – Challenges and Opportunities, August 2014;  Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science:  Falling Through the Cracks: The Cost of Healthcare with Insurance, July 2014; and on a webinar sponsored by ACA International: Financial Assistance, Billing & Collections in Light of the New Healthcare Guidelines, May 2014.

Community Health Advisors Participates in HFMA Price Transparency Initiative – April 2014:  Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, participated in a forum and meetings with the news media where a Price Transparency in Health Care report and a Consumer Guide to Understanding Healthcare Prices were released by the Price Transparency Task Force.  The report and more information on this initiative can be found at https://www.hfma.org/transparency/

Rukavina Appointed to HFMA Transparency Taskforce August 2013:   Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, LLC was named to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Price Transparency Task Force.  This task force has been convened to address price transparency issues for hospitals and other providers.  It is expected to issue guidelines that will establish an industry baseline for the price and quality information which will be presented to healthcare purchasers and consumers.

Rukavina Appointed to HFMA Taskforce March 2013:   Mark Rukavina, Principal at Community Health Advisors, LLC was named to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s National Medical Debt Advisory Task Force.  The goal of the taskforce is to identify a common set of medical debt collection practices that can be standardized for widespread industry adoption and lead to improvement in the patient experience, overall collection process, and financial performance. 

Community Health Advisors, LLC provides customized service to healthcare providers interested in achieving community health excellence.  We specialize in assisting non-profit hospitals in their community health improvement efforts while complying with new regulatory requirements.  Clients receive personalized consulting assistance and benefit from external assessment expertise.  We approach this work by facilitating honest and safe communication with community stakeholders and representatives of underserved populations.  We develop practical plans to identify priority needs, align institutional policies and utilize resources efficiently to ensure measurable success at addressing institutional and community needs. 
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